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    One year on from the China waste ban

    The highlights from our recent event marking one year on from the Chinese ban on 'foreign garbage'. Hear voices from across the recycling and waste sector, including Defra, Suez and Friends of the Earth, as we seek to move the debate on plastics forward. Which countries has the ban most effected, what is the UK doing to tackle the problem and why is it so important to take our waste seriously?

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    What do people really think about the circular economy?

    This event launched our new report,'By popular demand: what people want from a resource efficient economy', in conjunction with CIEMAP.

    Joined by a panel of experts from industry, academia and the NGO community, we explored which resource efficiency policies people currently like and which they don’t – and why – and what this means for the government, policy makers and businesses.

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    UK’s energy and climate diplomacy after Brexit: learning from Norway and Switzerland

    This event discussed how the UK could continue to act collaboratively with the EU to raise ambition and achievement in international climate diplomacy, after Brexit.

    We explored how Norway and Switzerland work alongside the EU to raise global climate action and what a future UK-EU climate partnership, formal or otherwise, could mean for collaborative climate and energy policy across Europe.

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